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Be a Scaffolding VIP


  • Paraphrase

  • Use Think Alouds

  • Reinforce Definitions in Context

  • Model correct pronunciation by repeating student responses

  • Slow rate of speech, increase pauses, speak in phrases

  • Enunciate

  • Avoid use of Idioms

  • Be mindful of Language Complexity and try to match it to the level of proficiency of your EL

  • Ask students to Elaborate


  • Use of Graphic Organizers

  • Models of Completed Assignments (Exemplars)

  • Gradual Increase of Student Independence (GISI)

    • Explicit Teaching and Modeling​

    • Guided Practice

    • Independent Application of Key Concepts and Vocabulary

    • Collaborative Practice and Structured Discussions with peers


  • Explicit Teaching

  • Modeling

  • Guided and Independent Practice

  • 1 on 1 teaching

  • Coaching and Modeling

  • Small Groups with Practice

  • Partnering or Grouping

  • Clarity of Instruction

  • Frequent Checks for Understanding

  • Gradual Release with Opportunities for Peer Conversation (Get their  "Reps" in)

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